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Hot Chip Seal

Hot Chip Seal is a surface treatment that combines a Chip Seal and a thin lift of open graded friction course (OGFC) providing a double application of material. The Chip Seal provides a waterproof membrane and the Hot Chip Seal provides a strong wearing surface that will improve the profile of the existing asphalt.

ConstructionBenefits of Hot Chip Seal:

  • Improves skid-resistance and safety with a high friction surface
  • Asphalt pavement needs additional structural strength
  • Quiet surface treatment especially on high volume traffic roads
  • Has a long life expectancy
  • Enhances the appearance of the road by improving the surface texture, profile and surface color
  • Effective use of maintenance dollars


Best Suited for: Residential Streets, Collector Streets, Heavy Loads, Industrial/Commercial Streets and High Volume Roads.


Hot Chip Seal Specifications


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