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Cape Seal

A Cape Seal is the combination of the Chip Seal and Slurry Seal applications. The Chip Seal portion of this application helps provide a waterproof membrane to repel moisture from entering the sub-grade and adds elasticity to prevent reflective cracking from showing through the new surface. After the Chip Seal process has been completed, Slurry Seal will then be applied within 48 hours to hold the loose chip material in place and also provide a smoother texture for the final product.

ConstructionBenefits of Cape Seal: 

  • Extends the life of an existing asphalt surface and is more durable than a standard Slurry Seal
  • No milling or utility adjustments are required
  • Significantly reduces cracking that appears overtime
  • Strong usage for residential streets due to its ability to provide the strength of a Chip Seal with the smoothness of a Slurry Seal 
  • No structural damage from snowplows


Best Suited for: Residential Streets, Collector Streets, Large Parking Lots, Industrial/Commercial Streets and High Volume Roads.


Cape Seal Specifications


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